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"The language used when negotiating can make the difference between success or failure." - Will he ignite the leaking gas or is it possible to talk him out of committing suicide? - When should a forceful, decisive approach be used or when would empathy be more appropriate?


Speaker Trust Negotiation was founded in 2006 by Colin McDougall who specialised as a hostage negotiator and community relations strategist with Strathclyde Police. During thirty years service with the UK's second largest police force, Colin was at the forefront of negotiating at armed sieges, prison riots and with vulnerable people intent on committing suicide.

As part of a selected, highly trained unit, his expertise in negotiating at tense, stressful incidents has proved invaluable and his negotiation skills have often made the difference between life and death.

Colin also worked for many years in the Force's community relations department where he was involved in forming strategy to pave the way for social inclusion in many of Glasgow's diverse communities. Key to this, was helping to develop a framework for the first intake of asylum seekers, community tensions emanating from incidents of global terrorism and racially-motivated crime. Colin's unit was instrumental in forming alliances between different community groups and involved liaising with community leaders from conflicting backgrounds.

A natural motivational communicator, who has fronted national campaigns for Strathclyde Police, Colin instructs, engages, entertains and enthuses a range of audiences that have included Royalty, Members of Parliament, business leaders and policy makers.

Trust Negotiation has built a team of skilled presenters, who have extensive backgrounds in negotiation, violence prevention and conflict resolution. They use their practical experience to help identify and dissect the issues your organisation faces and offers solutions to preparing and reacting to them.