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"Will the estranged, demanding father release his children?" How can their safety be successfully negotiated? - How can a productive inter-action with a demanding customer be achieved?


Conflict in the workplace is perhaps the largest reducible cost in organisations today - but the least recognised.

The managers' role in conflict resolution is crucial in supporting staff, service provision and productivity.

Trust Negotiation presenters' knowledge of conflict has not been acquired from training manuals but through real-life experience.

Difficult, aggressive behaviour can result in disastrous outcomes if not skilfully managed. Use the resolution techniques learnt in actual threatening situations and understand the values of:





Listening Skills

Problem Solving

The values become strikingly apparent, when violence affecting you or your staff is the threat.

Through the illustration of reason defying behaviour, gain valuable insights on how to defuse situations that are threatening to spiral out of control. The benefits of risk deduction, recognition of the causes of conflict, flashpoint identification and calming skills will hit home with striking clarity when detailed with visually descriptive, shattering reality.

You Will Learn To:

  • Manage conflict
  • Defuse aggression
  • Use negotiation to avoid conflict

You will understand the conflict resolution techniques applied in a wide spectrum of situations, from threats of extreme violence through to situations of verbal argument.