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The fundamental principals of negotiation apply equally whether trying to broker a deal or resolve an armed siege or riot.


Highly effective people are natural negotiators - to achieve the desired outcome, they inspire trust and strengthen relationships to help make decisions.

If you want to understand the power of negotiation through the experience of reality, then find out more about the fundamentals of negotiation and put them into practice?

Trust Negotiation specialises in conference presentations, keynote speeches and seminars, by providing an enthralling mix of life- threatening scenarios to illustrate how negotiating fundamentals can impact on business.


Good Business Practice

Life or Death

Presentations are researched and tailored to company needs, reinforcing the fundamentals of negotiation in a manner that is thought provoking and that prompts audience to appreciate and understand the core values of the subject.

Through the compelling presentations, delegates will experience memorable sieges from throughout the world, armed incidents, prison riots, potential suicides and how the lessons learnt can be successfully applied to the business environment.

    You Will Learn To:
  • Understand the fundamentals of negotiation
  • Apply the fundamentals to work and personal situations
  • Manage others resistance
  • Better perform as the pressure mounts

Ultimately you will learn the negotiation techniques used by some of the best negotiators in the world.