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"Failing to prepare before negotiation enhances the probability that disaster will be the outcome." - Will the result be Suicide by Cop? - How can the true needs of associates and customers be identified?


"The audience were captivated by the manner of the negotiation presentation and still talk about the lessons learnt."

Petrena Edgar, Customer Relationship Management, Global Business Services, IBM

"An enthralling presentation, of much learning value, that goes beyond theory and drives home fundamental good practice".

Peter Harvey, Blair & Bryden Solicitors.

"We all really enjoyed the session and it broadened our perspective of the value of skilled negotiation. Colin was able to grab and retain everyone's attention at a high level. It made us all think about how to approach different and complex situations to ensure a satisfactory resolution."

Freesuperbet Ltd.

"The combination of real life and black humour was startling."

James Lepick, Managing Director, signITure Ltd

"Inspiring, motivating, engaging and thought provoking. Very powerful indeed. Colin managed to deliver on all fronts and he made an impact which will last a lifetime on everyone who attended."

Business Opportunities (UK) Ltd

"Colin McDougall gave an insight into an area that would not normally be available to our staff.  The impact on the audience was very positive.  A high level of interest was maintained and the topics covered are still talked about today."

Roddy Whiteford, General Manager, Hand Picked Hotels

"I appreciated the practical approach which moved us on from talking theory and ideals."

Coronel Consulting (UK) Ltd

"Hugely stimulating. A hard hitting presentation which was followed up by an after-dinner session that brought a hilarious alternative look at negotiation. Altogether - a must to hear."

John Taylor, British Security Industry Association

"Staff were left on an exhilarating high. A new understanding was demonstrated and the salient points struck an accord."

Stewart Robinson, Managing Consultant, Mercer HR Consulting