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"The strangest things can influence negotiation." - What will save the lives of the hostages? Will it be a vehicle to escape in, will it be a promise of freedom or will it be something totally outrageous? - What will influence the awarding of a contract?


Experiencing situations where negotiation is required to resolve issues or where management of workplace violence and conflict resolution is needed can be difficult and complex if you don't have the tools to deal with the situation.

There are important and enduring values that cannot be compromised for short- term gain or expediency.

To resolve difficult situations and decision-making, we believe that:

  • Trust is critical to successful negotiation
  • Experience of reality aids learning
  • Negotiation fundamentals pervade all aspects of business
  • Integrity, honesty and ethical thinking reflect good business practice
  • Trust is difficult to cultivate but easy to lose
  • Conflict resolution promotes a safer working environment