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"Prison riots are one of the most terrifying situations to be in, violent, destructive, life threatening" - How can the trust of rioting prisoners be gained? - How important is it to obtain the trust of an obstructive, difficult colleague, client or customer?


Trust Negotiation Seminar Trust Negotiation offers clients expertise in dealing with situations that require negotiation and resolution in business, organisations or teams. Consultants use their experience in the fields of hostile environments to explain the fundamentals of negotiation and how this can be applied in a range of situations to help make decision-making an easier, more balanced and trusted process.

Consultants can offer expertise to a range of audiences, from conference presentations, keynote speeches, after dinner speeches, to workshops and planning programmes.

We have previously delivered presentations and seminars to organisations and businesses in a range of sectors including, IT, travel, legal, public sector, healthcare, human resources, pension management and hospitality, such as IBM, Hand Picked Hotels and Faculties of Solicitors.